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Our vampires are different, pt. 10/?

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Our vampires are different pt 10:
Enter the villain... or not?

"Where are you going?"
A rather confused Hiroto stared after Tora angrily stalking off after hurriedly collecting some of his scattered clothing.
The grumbled answer was unsettling.
"Wha... what do you mean, packing?!"
Hiroto hastily picked himself up from the floor to follow Tora up to his room.
"I told you quite clearly: first ghost I see, I am so out of here."
First, Hiroto stood baffled. Then an evil grin spread across his features and he crept up to Tora, who had not even bothered dressing, to convince the other that in spite of there being a ghost, staying would definitely have its benefits. He would not have to waste many words. Speaking with a full mouth would not have been polite, after all.

After a moment of shocked defiance, Tora decided that he would better sit down. Of course just due to Hiroto maliciously tickling the back of his knees, surely not due to... other circumstances. Okay, that was a lie. And dammit, Tora could not even use the excuse of being bespelled by an incubus this time. But then again, he had already decided earlier to give this whole "man on man action"-thingy a try. Or more than a try. At least with his mouth otherwise occupied, Hiroto could not try to order him around, however implied. Groaning, he leaned back, just to get more comfortable, not to give Hiroto more access to more vital parts of his anatomy. Hell, he could get used to this. Even the added thrill of sharp canines scraping... well, just added to the fun. And he had to give it to Hiroto, being a vampire and all really made him good at sucking.
Muttering this thought out loud in a moment when Tora's brain generously lent all blood and other resources to more southern regions made Hiroto laugh in such an inappropriate moment that he nearly chocked.
Awkwardly patting Hiroto's back, Tora decided to wait some minutes before taking his revenge for Hiroto's sneaking attack.

Much later that day Tora decided that he would go looking for a book about how to strengthen your personality. Or just about how to say no. That his resolve crumbled in front of Hiroto, he could understand. Evil vampire sire with commanding voice and apparently some of Saga's seduction skills had rubbed off. Speak of magical contamination.

But Nao! Nao was supposed to be Hiroto's human servant and therefore several steps under Tora in the food chain. So how come all Nao had to do was to turn on his silky-threatening 'band leader voice' on the phone to have Tora walk out from his ghost-infested but otherwise quite comfy home into the cold in order to collect some fanmail that had accidently been placed at Kra's postbox?
Muttering silent mutinity under his breath, he decided to take the car to get to company grounds instead of cramming into the abyss of public transportation.

Tora liked the large parking garage near the PSC offices. Before, he had not really liked the dark decks without windows, but by now, they blocked out the too bright sun rather nicely. For the first time, he did not feel uncomfortable and did not hurry to get into the better illuminated parts of the building. Being an evil vampire undoubtedly had its benefits.
That is, until someone grabbed him from behind and shoved him against a nearby wall. The impact shoved the air out of him with a rather undignified grunt. For a split second he thought that maybe Hiroto had followed him and now wanted to introduce him to something kinkier than they had done so far, and the thought was not as unpleasant as maybe it should have been. However, the person who had a hold on him was too tall. Panic began to rise in Tora when he began to notice that his captor seemed inhumanly strong, because a human Tora would have been able to dislodge by now. As it was, his efforts only earned him a chuckle from behind before he was being turned around like a ragdoll to face his attacker.
For a moment, he ceased all fighting out of sheer surprise.


Still having a tight hold on Tora's shirt with his left hand, Miyavi patted his captive's cheek fondly with the right. It made Tora wince. Even moreso when the other pressed him against the wall again and leaned in on him. And though Tora had resumed his struggle, he felt rather foolish because it seemed to have no effect whatsoever on his former colleague, apart from the fact that he gripped Toras shirt more firmly and physically lifted the heavier man from the ground. That was when Tora stopped struggling altogether and forced a smile.

"Miyavi-senpai. Long time no see. How are you?"

Miyavi stared at him, baffled, before he started roaring with laughter. He set Tora back down, but kept a firm hold on his shoulder.
"Well, so my informant was right. At least one vampire rookie on my turf. And you did not even have the courtsy to come and visit. You should know by now that vampires take territories very seriously."
Tora gulped when Miyavi's eyes took on a not quite human gleam, but could not help to stare unbelievingly and, admittedly, quite scared at the other man.
Miyavi laughed again and let go of Tora.
"Hell, you really are a freshman. Easy to scare, too. Maybe I should just keep you."
His playful and yet evil grin made Tora very scared.


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Jan. 1st, 2010 04:08 pm (UTC)
"And he had to give it to Hiroto, being a vampire and all really made him good at sucking." *vom sessel fall* XD
äh, Saga isn incubus. in, nich suk. XD

"made Hiroto laugh in such an inappropriate moment that he nearly chocked.
Awkwardly petting Hiroto's back, Tora decided to wait some minutes before taking his revenge for Hiroto's sneaking attack." awwwwwww!

scheiße ich hab keine ahnung wies weitergeht XD
Jan. 1st, 2010 04:47 pm (UTC)
äh, Saga isn incubus. in, nich suk. XD

... gender issues...? ^^
>_< peinlich... geändert! ^^

muahaha... jetzt isses erstmal dein Problem ]:-> aber du schaffst das schon! (but please don't kill Miyavi ^^)
Jan. 1st, 2010 05:24 pm (UTC)
was denkst wie oft ich das wort bei mir shcon umbessern musste... er sieht halt so weiblich aus XD

;_; was ür ne grandiose unterstützung XD
(Deleted comment)
Jan. 2nd, 2010 04:42 pm (UTC)
of course he's terrifying insane without being a vampire, too...

Hiroto's methods of persuasion are the best! :D
Jan. 2nd, 2010 05:24 pm (UTC)
Heh, Miyavi just looks the same since... about ten years (apart from frequent image changes^^). Hello suspicous?! XD Ooh yes, he would ]:->

Hrm... will see how novembermond plans to further torture poor, poor Tora ^^

Hiroto.. persuative he is XD
Jan. 2nd, 2010 06:06 pm (UTC)
I think my plan was far worse than anyone could have imagined muahahar!
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