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pointless cracky sequel is pointless ^^

So, da du jetzt deine eigene Freundesgruppe bist XD kannst es erstmal nur du lesen. Wenn ich es überhaupt speichere und nicht irgendwann frustiert einfach die Seite zumache XD

Edit: unlocked on novembermond's prompting on 08.10.2009 ^^

Sequel to: the totally crazy Torapon crackfic

It took them some precious time to figure out that apparently, Hiroto nearly draining Tora was NOT the way to turn him into Hiroto's equally undead sex slave.
Luckily, before Tora zoned out completely he remembered something he had noted in the vampire porn he had been reading while being bored during their 'vacation', mumbling something about transfusion.
Luckily, Hiroto was afraid enough when Tora simply passed out from blood loss, he stopped fretting about injuring himself and started feeding Tora. After he had bitten his own wrist and started whimpering from the pain.
Luckily, Tora was not too far gone to swallow and soon the change took its course.

Soon Tora was yelling many things at Hiroto, the overall message being that dying was not an experience he would wish to repeat. And no, he did not allow Hiroto 'to kiss it all better'.

Their band members made many funny comments about Tora's and Hiroto's supposed hangover the next day. The sunglasses were Tora's way of dealing with the suddenly too bright sunlight. He was still pale (and would stay pale) but the jumpiness and temporary shivering could be lead back to the way Hiroto woke him up in the morning, ripping open the curtains and shouting "BURN BABY BURN" and afterwards literally rolling over the floor laughing, even when Tora realized that the sun did not really hurt him (well yes, it hurt, but did not literally BURN him) and tackled his still laughing torturer/master/sire/lover to put him over his knee and start to spank him with his newfound strength.
It gave Tora quite some satisfaction to see that Hiroto still refused sitting down even when Nao began fuzzing over poor hung-over Baby-Pon and chastizing Tora for not watching out for him better. That made both Tora and Hiroto laugh, while Saga pouted that Nao did give more attention to Hiroto than to him.

Shou really seemed to have fun comparing his newly tanned skin to Tora's and Hiroto's. And while he dismissed Tora for having spent too much times in his appartment and therefore being pale as cheese, he was quite fascinated how Hiroto's skin seemed to have taken on some kind of gleam. But soon Shou joined Saga in pouting because he could not get out of Hiroto which new kind of body lotion he had discovered in Europe. They were bandmates, they should share such discoveries, dammit! Rightfully offended, he grabbed poor Saga, demanded a pause and dragged his bandmate along with him from the room, ignoring the pitiful glance Saga shot at Nao, which nearly screamed of 'help me please!'. Nao only caught the last glimmer of Saga's panicked glance, but it was enough to have him shout after Shou that they better only were off to get something to eat and coffe for Nao, because everything else would carry serious consequences.
Nao huffed when he heard Shou cackle.

However, the mentioning of food, of something to eat made Tora aware of how HUNGRY he was at once. With a silent whimper he glanced at Hiroto, who seemed to only have eyes for Nao at the moment. Yet Hiroto was well aware of Tora's distress and shared some of it, even though he had 'feasted' on Tora last night, he had given some of the blood back. Mentally, Hiroto smacked his forehead for forgetting to feed Tora before they met their band for practice, but everything had so not gone according to plan...
"Tora, you hungry?" Hiroto asked his... fledgeling (though this sounded so gay even to him) without taking his eyes from Nao.
Tora only nodded.
"Then what do you think about making Nao our... chewtoy?"
Baffled, Tora looked at Hiroto, who still did not take his eyes of Nao. Of Nao, who did not react at the whole 'chewtoy' talk but only looked back at Hiroto.
"Hiroto..." Tora hissed. "We cannot... I mean, he is our bandleader... what if the other's come back?" he ended weakly, admitting defeat at least in front of his own conscience, because with every word he had staggered closer to Nao, gentle Nao who was sitting on the couch gazing up trustingly into Hiroto's eyes.
Sweet Nao, who smelled so good today...
Later, Tora would not be able to recollect how he ended up with his mouth pressed against Nao's neck in such an intimate way. This was so gay! But even this thought drowned in the sweet sensation of having Naos sweet essence (his blood, what did you think, perverts) trickle down his throat and pacifying his thirst/hunger/bloodlust/whatever.
Only when Hiroto gently pried him away from Nao by his hair did Tora lift his head, dazed and feeling slightly drunk. Hiroto tstked slightly, telling him that they should not be so greedy and drain poor Nao. It took Tora some blinks to notice that Hiroto's lips were smeared with blood, too, obviously taken from Nao's wrist. Still holding Nao's hand, Hiroto drew Tora in for a hungry kiss, and though this was so totally gay, Tora decided that Nao tasted even better when mixed with Hiroto's own flavor.
Still dazed, or even more dazed, Tora wanted to drown in Hiroto's eyes when he broke the kiss and winked mischieviously at Tora.
Still dazed, it took Tora some time to wonder why Hiroto would nick his own wrist with his fangs and begin to feed Nao some small drops of his blood.
Nao's delighted whimper however made Tora snap out of it.
"HIROTO! Are you mad? You cannot turn him..." Tora fell silent with one of Hiroto's cold fingers against his lips.
"Shshsh. I would not turn him, I just wanted to try something..." And there it was, this mischieveous glimmer in Hiroto's eyes that Tora found not totally reassuring.
And when Hiroto looked back down on Nao and sweetly commanded: "Kiss Tora", and Nao really stood up from the couch on slightly wobbly legs and made a move to close the distance between himself and Tora, Tora knew that things were going to go south. Even moreso when Nao did press his lips on Tora's and just in this moment, a slightly disheveled Saga had to bustle through the door, stopping dead and gasping.
"WHAT. the HELL!"


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Oct. 4th, 2009 08:09 pm (UTC)
ahahaha that is fun you should totally continue. even if it is totally not as planned. tora should NOT become a vampire but a ghoul (take just a bit of blood and give even less back) I mean in my version. XD the whole joke was that pon is stronger than tora and stays so. I must admit that your version is too interesting though. XD
Oct. 4th, 2009 08:19 pm (UTC)
awww, that would be also cute ^^ I can SO see Pon stomping his foot, pouting adorably and telling Tora that he was not supposed to be as strong as his "master" now, while all the time just fucking with him because he IS stronger than Tora... but when will Tora learn of this... ]:->
Oct. 4th, 2009 08:23 pm (UTC)
...and he will take revenge?
do want.
Oct. 5th, 2009 08:36 pm (UTC)
boah der arme Nao!!!!! ;_; XD
Toras kommentar: have I mentioned I'm heterosexual today? XD
disheveled Saga ftw! oh gott ich bin einfach so ein Shou/Saga sap es ist zum heulen ♥ ♠
what the hell indeed. what the hell am I gonna write at that. D: *frets*
Oct. 7th, 2009 07:18 am (UTC)
Ah, let me just say: NYAHAHAHA ]:->

Tora is totally gay (or bi at least ^^). He just still has to accept it XD
disheveled Saga... did he managae to escape Shou... or not ^^ oder tut das gar nichts zur Sache ^^
Ich bin gespannt ;-)
Oct. 7th, 2009 11:43 am (UTC)
oh he so is. he just didn't get the memo yet XD
hm :) poor saga-kun. *pets*
Jun. 6th, 2010 07:25 am (UTC)
hiropon has the devil in him, BURN BABY BURN. come on, give poor tora-shi a break. but i do have to admit it was hilarious.
Jun. 7th, 2010 12:01 pm (UTC)
Ah, Pon just has to practice for world domination... you just HAVE to be slightly evil to qualify ;-)

Merci ^^
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