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Our vampires are different pt. 8

previous parts:
7: http://novembermond.livejournal.com/255464.html

I am sorry! Part 8 sort of became a monster, it just grew and grew and grew... ;_; Hope you like it nontheless ^^

or: Saga is our applied phlebotinum (yes, I had to google it, too ^^)

The unmanly-shriek-thingy seemed to become a habit with Tora. After seing Saga blanch and start to stutter, Tora made the mistake of turning around and, well, saw a ghost. More like, felt a ghost, because something about the girl that hid most of her face under unkempt black hair was definitely off and bringing shivers down his spine. And when an eerie voice echoed more through his teeth than through the kitchen, asking "AAAAAMMM IIII PRRRREEETTY" - well, return to shriek, unmanly, echoed by Saga. Which did not improve the sound, though Saga's voice was better trained than Tora's. At least Tora did the manly thing and let Saga hide in his arms when the ghost/apparition/whatever started in their direction before vanishing. Leaving behind a shaken Tora, holding a shaking Saga.

At least the thing seemed to have disappeared for now. On the other hand, it would have been nice to have something to show for the crowd gathering in the kitchen door. At least, Nao seemed to have been nearest, or he just had this sixth sense for his bandmates being in distress. Closely followed by Hiroto, who seemed to have this sixth sense for Tora in particular being distressed. Followed by Kai, who seemed to share Nao's feeling of bandleader senses tingling. Nao's and Kai's inquiring looks, however, quickly changed to knowing grins when they found Tora and Saga huddled together. Luckily, Hiroto looked past how gay the situation seemed and asked what was wrong (this changed the bandleader's glances back to worried). Luckily, before Tora and Saga could embarass themselves with stuttered explanations of ghosts, Nao's eyes fell on Kai, and narrowed.
"You.Out.NOW." barked their normally friendly bandleader.
Kai raised his hands in an appeasing gesture. "I just wanted to make sure everything was okay... with the two of them screaming like being murdered..."
"Right. Because the last time I heard Saga shriek like that and went to look for him was the very last time I would stay at company grounds after working hours."
Tora so did not want to know why Kai blushed and Saga hid his face against Tora's chest. But he absentmindedly began to stroke Saga's soft hair.

The awkward moment was broken by a slightly intoxicated Reita, who weaseled his way obliviously through the present company to get to the fridge and grab a beer. Noticing the tense atmosphere between Nao and his own bandleader, he giggled and asked: "You guys fighting who's the better band-mom?"
Tora decided for himself that a blushing Kai did look way more harmless than a seemingly furious one, stalking out of the kitchen after his giggling bassist.
The giggling was weakly echoed at Tora's own chest.
"Oh, poor Reita is SO going to suffer for this", wheezed a still very pale Saga.
Wait. A pale and and shaking Saga? Was the bassist so afraid?
Hiroto and Nao exchanged a worried glance before stepping closer to their bandmates just as Tora noticed that all that kept Saga upright was Tora himself.
Something was very wrong. Because even pale and with his eyes pressed tightly shut, Saga looked absolutely delicious at the moment...
Oh shit.

Saga opened his eyes, and Tora could suddenly think of a gazillion ways to make his bassist shriek like before without a ghost involved. And Saga's lips suddenly appeared to luscious, kissable even. What could a brief taste harm, after Tora had already had Nao and Hiroto kiss him before? Just a brief kiss among friends, nothing gay, right? Saga was just afraid, so Tora would just kiss it all better.
But when their lips met, Tora suddenly found his hands wander where they did not really belong, and Saga's hands did cling to Tora's shirt in a much more possesive manner than before.
And a low growl emmitted somewhere near Saga, but it did not really bother him at the moment. That is, before Hiroto had Saga by the hair and pried the taller man physically away from Tora.
"Mine!" he snarled. Command or not, this word and its implications had Tora stop dead in his tracks when he had wanted to follow Saga wherever Hiroto may drag him.
"How do you dare?" Hiroto growled. "I told you to keep Tora out of this until you had absolutely no other choice."
Interesting bit information, Tora thought.
Saga did not look happy with the hold Hiroto had on his hair, but he gave up struggling as Hiroto snarled at him again, baring fangs. Saga gulped visible, uttering a small "Sorry?", which did not seem to calm Hiroto. Time for an intervention, Tora thought.
"Hiroto!" Tora called. "It may sound lame, but its not what it looks like. I don't think Saga did that on purpose."
When said bassist shook his head ruefully, Hiroto let go of his hair with a sigh. Saga dropped to the floor with his back on the fridge and hid his face in his hands.

"Saga, when was the last time you did feed?" Trust Nao to analyze a situation fast.
"Well, Shou took some time to get dressed up and ready for the party and as all the others are here and I have to shield like whoa and we thought that we had built up a nice little stash of energy and with me eating so much... but when I am frightened I loose quite a bit of energy, and all the shielding before..."
Wow, even Saga's jumbled words sounded sexy. Tora shook his head hard.
"Where IS Shou...?" Tora asked desperately.
Hiroto cleared his throat. "Well, there is good news and there is bad news... Gazette's scheme of getting him drunk for whatever reason worked too well. Shou bet he could outdrink Uruha... and we all know where this would end. At least they did not manage to drag Shou off someplace quiet. Well, they DID, infact, but only to the guest bedroom because he is drunk as a skunk and sleeping like a baby and Aoi pouted that Kai did not allow them to take Shou home nevertheless and that does not really help with the problem at hand, does it?"
Saga wailed. "He promised he would not drink too much!"
Tora had a thought, and only his mantra 'vampires are supposed to be evil' made him voice it:
"Well, if Shou is already in a bed, wouldn't it be enough if Saga...?"
Saga shook his head. "That is not how it works, Tora. The other person HAS to have... their fun, else there will be no energy emission, see?"
"Saga, it is really nice that you are still being considerate of Tora, but could you just tell us plain what you need?" Hiroto sounded a little exasperated.
"Uhm, Sex?"
"I gathered that much... but actual intercourse, or would other methods work as well?... Tora, now is not the time to blush like a virgin, Saga needs help!"
Tora's eyes widened. "No, sorry, but just, no!"
Hiroto rolled his eyes. "Tora, please. We have been spending the nights together for weeks now, we moved in together, I am this close to biting Aki just for his dirty comments on this, by the way, and I did not hear any complaints from you whenever one of us kissed you, or the night I turned you."
"Wait, what, turned to what?" came Saga's muffled voice. Nao knelt next to him and patted his head arkwardly, but Saga still kept his hands over his eyes.
Hiroto briefly turned to Saga. "Oh yeah, by the way, we are vampires. But can we please explain this later?"
"Oh fuck. Could you not have mentioned this before? When the sex glamour comes up, I can kind of concentrate it on the human I choose. But with vampires, it is more like, first come, first served. When Tora got a whiff of it, I now HAVE to feed of him!"
Oh shit. Tora did so not like the looks Hiroto and Nao gave him.
"Forget it! I am so NOT going to fuck Saga!"
"Well... it would not really have to be me, it is enough when I am near enough when..." Saga made a vague gesture Tora did not like at all.
Tora looked pleadingly at Hiroto and Nao.
Nao just shrugged. "Well, Tora, the only thing reasonable would be now that you just choose someone you like better than poor Saga..."
Saga wailed again.
Tora began to stutter "Saga, we talked about this earlier. It is NOT that I don't like you, or do not think you are attractive - in a totally not gay kind of way - but..." But what? Tora ran our of reasons here.
Hiroto looked at Tora pensively. "Would it maybe help you if I ordered you to?"
Tora heavily recoiled and paled. "You wouldn't!"
Saga chose right this moment to sink down with a pained little moan. Though worried about him, Tora worried more about the sudden resolution on his bandleader's face. This was Nao's 'I don't care what you want, you WILL go to this interview/photoshoot/whatever'-look.
"Tora. Honestly. Give in and fuck Pon, or let him fuck you. It will make everything better, I swear."
Suddenly, Tora felt like crying.

Then they carried Saga through the living room and upstairs, fending off worried questions by saying he was just totally drunk. They had to kick Aoi and Uruha out of Tora's bedroom (oh, he would SO burn the sheets) and had a brief argument with Gazette's guitarrists as to why they would not hand over Saga. Only Nao's threat of calling for Kai made the two leave, pouting. For a moment, Tora pondered running after them and seeking shelter, but he was not so sure that he would be safer with these two than with his own bandmates.
Nao left them after dumping Saga unceremoniously on the bed, saying that he would try and avert questions as to why the hosts of the party disappeared. Together. With Saga. Tora successfully fought the urge to cling to him and beg him not to leave him alone with the other two. His vampiric sire and a half incubus with totally fucked up control. Maybe it was better that Nao chose to leave.
Or maybe not, because now the three remaining men just stared at each other awkwardly.

"So, what now?" Hiroto slumped down on the bed next to Saga. Tora remainded standing, keeping his distance to the bed though Hiroto waved his hand invitingly.
"Don't know", Saga mused. "Normally, Tora would already lie at my feet worshipping - oh, don't hiss, you know what I mean. He seems to have better control than others. When he saw me with Shou, normally, he should have been compelled to join in instantly."
Which Tora had. He had just chosen to ignore the feeling.
"So you cannot, like, hypnotize him or something?"
"Not. How it works." Saga sounded a bit disgruntled.
"Well, I'm just trying to help", Hiroto pouted. And adorably so. Tora shook his head hard.
An unseelie grin spread over Hiroto's features as he leaned over Saga and whispered something in his ear. Vampiric hearing or not, Tora was too preoccupied fretting over the whole situation to pay attention, so it took him by surprise when Hiroto leaned in further and began to claim Saga's lips with his own. Oh, Tora could tell that Hiroto was putting up quite a show because the smaller man kept his gaze on Tora from the corner of his eyes. And suddenly, there were several feelings battling inside Tora, one 'oy, gay porn is not sexy or maybe it could be between those two' and something akin to... jealousy? Was Tora jealous that Hiroto kissed Saga, and not him. Wait,shouldn't Tora be jealous that SAGA kissed Hiroto, taking into consideration Saga's sex glamour powers or whatever?

It was no conscious decision of Tora's moving closer to the bed and just laying his hand on Hiroto's shoulder at first. Tora did notice the victorious grin the two other men shared, but hell, he would not just stand there and watch these two gorgeous men make out. He was not yet sure, nearly flinched away again when Hiroto drew him in with an arm around his waist. But then again, vampires, evil, gorgeous men, living together anyway etc.
It cost Tora quite some effort to battle his own conscience, but he just knew the way to overcome fears, prejudices and the like - he gently put his hand under Saga's chin and made the bassist look up at him. The rest came easily. With hands and lips on heated skin, Saga yelping because Hiroto had bitten him ('Oh come on, it was just a little nicking the skin') and somehow clothing vanished and heated skin pressed up against equally heated skin. Awkward moments there were, but friends could overcome these with jokes or soothing touches. Tora really thought he should have been grossed out, but that was kind of hard with Saga's very skilled tongue and Hiroto's cool fingers bringing him so much pleasure. Yet some distant part of him was grateful that Saga mentioned it was all about orgasm, not intercouse...

Afterwards Tora decided that he was definitely going to burn the sheets.


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Nov. 8th, 2009 04:34 pm (UTC)
awwwwwwwww, poor Tora XD forced to have sex with two utterly gorgeous men who he likes very much too... I dunno why I don't feel much sympathy really XD
(no subject) - gazelove527 - Nov. 11th, 2009 04:42 pm (UTC) - Expand
Nov. 11th, 2009 08:31 pm (UTC)
Thermometer says... HOT XD
Nov. 11th, 2009 05:20 pm (UTC)

*dies of laughter* thats right Tora.
And SMUT! *snorts* I approve. definately approve. And Hiroto and Saga are sneaky.
Nov. 11th, 2009 08:40 pm (UTC)
*scroll* *scroll* XD
I told you ^^
Now you know that I am very susceptible for bad influences ;)

Fnarrr... not what I call smut, but all I could beat our of these limp muses *Tora-muse poke*
Nov. 11th, 2009 06:11 pm (UTC)
God! This is beyond funny!!! Except for the extra, I read the full story. . . BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! That's all I can say, so fucking funny!!!!
Nov. 11th, 2009 08:43 pm (UTC)
Thank you! ^^ Well we live to please ;-) Now go and read the extra, too ^^ and then go and torture convince novembermond to write more soon! ]:->
Nov. 12th, 2009 11:38 am (UTC)
I LOVE THIS. i love tora in denial especially.
Nov. 12th, 2009 12:34 pm (UTC)
Aww, merci ^^ Poor Tora... will suffer ^^
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